January 22, 2010

almost gone

bye.bye Japan. How you have changed me so, there are no words.
I have always and will always love you.

January 18, 2010

Forbidden fruit, hidden eyes | Curtises that I despise in me

had a total throw back day yesterday, exploring my total non-existent 1970s roots

watched Dazed and Confused

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ lots of Heart - Dreamboat Annie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

and almost bought a brown suede fringe bag like this

around my birthday for the past few years, I always end up listening to Portishead's debut work over and over, call it my birthday tradition

January 17, 2010

oh my...25

with my quarter life birthday less than one week away, 25 has been on my mind

these are they at 25 years of age

Queen Elizabeth I became Queen of England at 25

Famous 1960s mod designer, Mary Quant, opens her second Bazaar boutique in Knightsbridge; designs very short childlike dresses at 25.

The most popular single in 1960 was Elvis Presley's It's Now or Never, which spent eight weeks at No 1 in the charts when he was 25.

Madonna released her debut, self-titled album at 25years.

Joan Miro created this at 25

Sir William Henry Bragg, won the Nobel prize in Physics for his work with X-ray spectra, X-ray diffraction, and crystal structure at 25.

Andy Warhol (seated on the right) gained fame for his whimsical ink drawings of shoe advertisements in NYC at 25 during a successful career in magazine illustration and advertising.

Wes Anderson writes and directs his short film Bottle Rockets at 25, entered the short at Sundance and secure funding for a feature-length Bottle Rocket.

At 25, Amelia Earhart flew to an altitude of 14,000 feet), setting a world record for female pilots. Earhart became the 16th woman to be issued a pilot's license

January 16, 2010

my tv

what's on NHK tonight?

Mario DS

Levis were king of denim here in Japan for the past decade, but a recent Japanese company is taking them on...the name EDWIN is short for EDO (the original name for Tokyo) and then the English word WIN, meaning "Tokyo Wins", meaning they will outsell Levis with a Japanese made jean//
but then they go and pay Brad Pitt to do this...

Car repair shop


Really interesting google auto-complete comparison between Japan/China/American/Canada

If you're looking to improve your Japanese, Ive found this website to be extremely helpful.
頑張ってください! gambatte!

happy weekend

Books of my childhood. The topic came up in one of my classes and got me thinking

learned how to make sushi! ate it before I thought to take a picture - tuna, avocado and carrot.

French yé-yé singer Sylvie Vartan

January 14, 2010

as of late

sooo good, lots of this around

Washed Out
Life of Leisure

paris packing

spotted on a bike in the Matsusaka streets
rubbing my eyes in disbelief

Osaka Vintage Store Signs
from a recent vintage hunt in the city
Most of the items are grossly overpriced, but still a nice selection

cuteness found in the neighborhood

January 12, 2010

no flow

please excuse me for having flaws that I don't work on.

all images found here

chills that last forever

like graphic novels? yeah?
I present Tonoharu, the story of an American language teacher in a sleepy Japanese village...sound familiar?

A friend gifted me this book right before I left for Japan, and it mirrored so many of my emotions of living here in small town Japan. Which was an amazing discovery for me, and a great source of comfort, because you cant accurately describe to people outside Japan what it is like to live here, in this situation.
I cant wait to find Part II.

Happy Japanese Haircut Day to me!! I am over the moon excited.

/new decade
/new year
/new city
/new age
/new hair

HOME for the next month...

anyone see that new MIA video?

new read..

I hope it isnt so unhealthy to be reading so much Woolf

haunting Japanese oil painter, who unfortunately passed away in 2009.
Katsuo Tachi
Katsuo Tachi grew up in a honey shop, and as a child accompanied his parents around the mountains to collect honey from their hives all over Japan.

The works demand you acknowledge the action and process of painting - the movement of the brush and paint over the surface, and the artist's physical presence beyond.

smell (1994)

the mystic meaning of the woman,
and the beast (1994)

the four winds of the earth (1995)