February 25, 2009

blood flows

I want to start working on my own designs while in Japan. Time to work on what clothing I want to create. These things, among others, have been inspiring. Lights, please*

February 2, 2009

internet interactions are sparse..

First post from Japan, and I have been here two weeks already! Poor excuse for a travel blog, but in my defense, I have to go to a Managa cafe to check email and it is not cheap and I just found this cafe last week.

I was hoping to post all my first encounters and interactions here, but sadly I do not have much internet access. You have to get your Gaijin card (foreigners card) before you can set up internet in your apartment, and I wont have mine until Feb 16th.

Anyway, Japan has been lovely so far. Overwhelming and difficult at times, but nothing I cant handle. The weather is a little crazy - rain and wind one day, calm and hot lovely weather the next. A bit like Atlanta, but definitely not as cold, which is a huge relief. I am a bit homesick and miss people and surroundings. I am still in adjustment phase.

Nippon Observations:
1. Matsusaka is very, very countryside - the 3 girls I work with, and two austrailian guys are the only other foreigners Ive met so far.

2. The more English you teach, the worse your own English skills deteriorate

3. Having someone understand what your saying is the best feeling in the whole world

4. Dark nailpolish is apparently not business-like. bummer

5. I hate hanging my cloting up to dry

6. They try to be discreet, but all the stares and looks are quite exhausing

7. So, rice again for dinner? But the bread here in Japan is to die for.

8. McDonald`s, even in Matsusaka, is open 24hrs. Some things, I guess, are universal

9. Everything is tiny! Cars, homes, roads, malls. I am living in a doll house world.

10. If someone tells me I look like a doll one more time, I will punch them. There, I said it.

Being here reminds me a lot of being in Newcastle, UK for my year abroad at university. The same lonely, outside-looking-in feeling has returned. I have been reading a lot and writing everyday. Norwegian Wood by Murakami is awesome so far.

A trip to Tokyo is in the works for a weekend this month and hopefully the Sterolab concert in Osaka on the 10th.

Hope this post finds you in fine, high spirits!