November 24, 2009

perfection of words

To praise his boots when he asked her to solace his soul; when he had shown her his bleeding hands, his lacerated heart, and asked her to pity them, then to say, cheerfully, “Ah, but what beautiful boots you wear!” deserved, she knew...complete annihilation.

Virginia Woolf
To the Lighthouse

November 2, 2009

ode to Tokyo

Want to see Tokyo style, as it is, this very second? Seriously, there is a new photo uploaded to the minute.


Design Site 21_21 - tomb like contemporary art museum, last installation I saw was on the history of language...AMAZING

Toto Superspace - so, you know the Japanese are famous for their high tech bathrooms. See the latest and greatest in bathroom technology - but that isn't the only reason to climb this 50 story building - the view is GORGEOUS and you can see all of Tokyo from their store. Breathtaking.

Shinjuku - if only to experience the Lost in Translation crosswalk. Must see Tokyu Hands, a large Japanese department store where you can buy all sorts of everyday Japanese items. They have a great pen and notebook section, if you are a dork and love a good notebook (like me!).

Harajuku...just for walking around and people watching and vintage clothing, the Japan most foreign ppl think of when they hear Japan. It is a train station in Tokyo on the JR Green Yamanote line called "Harajuku". Can't miss it, but do miss the crepes they sell on every street corner.

Daikanyama - Harajuku in its late 20's if it were a sophisticated young lady. I LOVE daikanyama, it has nice little cafes and beautiful walking streets and the Danish Embassy. Also, home to Bonjour Records, the chillest record shop I have found to date. Nice for a easy relaxing walk around, good shopping, but too expensive for the most part.

Asakusa - the more traditional side of Tokyo, you will see many foreigners. By the river with a huge temple. Really nice area.

National Film Center - the film museum of Tokyo, really really cool. Margie and I loved it and I think you guys might too. History of Japanese film from way back to present.

The Kite Museum - run by an older Japanese hippie who will gladly show you around and explain all his many kites to Japanese. It is more like a warehouse than a proper museum and you feel like you are entering someones private attic filled to the brim with delicate flying objects, ranging in size from the massive to teeny tiny.


Claska - the best hotel in tokyo, hands down. Rooms start at $120 a night, and believe me that is cheap in this town and worth every yen. I only stay here when I am ballin, but you have to see that my normal night is in a manga cafe...this place is amazing! Part art gallery, part hotel. A few select rooms are like art installations that change every few months buy different artists. Comes highly recommended.

Khaosan Hostel - snug little hostel located in Asakusa. Super friendly, clean, and they always seem to be watching Harry Potter on the tele. Free internet. Highly recommended and only $20 a night as of March 2006. ha

The best indian food in Tokyo - seriously. And they have real basmati rice, a rare gem on this island.

Crayon House - great great lunch. bypass the crying children on the 1st floor floor (it is a children's bookstore) and walk downstairs to the an outdoor courtyard bordered with lush greenery. Lunch specials there are delish. Harajuku area.

and as always, the best things are never put in writing///

November 1, 2009

my own venn diagram

Paris? the reasons why
but I still can't decide

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast."-Ernest Hemingway

my childhood


my school

the city

"As an artist, a man has no home in Europe save in Paris."-Friedrich Nietzsche

the lights

Paris design guide

cafe history

One of my favoite clothing brands...APC

my hero

Alison was always my favorite. Happy to see her thrive

raising the bar


funeral parade


japanese study hour







breaking bread

latest girl crush