March 15, 2009

happy hair cut day

Soooo....if anyone reading this needs a cut and color in Osaka for foreign/western hair I totally have the place for you. It took me forever to find a place willing to cut western hair and it was amazing. Go to Nakatsu staion, then call them and they will meet you at the station.

The owners are a Japanese couple who lived in NYC for 20 years. The man, Hiroshi, was Sarah Jessica Parker's personal hair stylist for 15 years and he has a portfolio chock-full of vogue/fashion/celebrity hair shoots. The haircut is about $40 and same for color, which is unheard of in Osaka. They spoke perfect English, met me personally at the train station so I wouldn't get lost, I got the most amazing scalp massage..eeee!...and for your first visit you get 30% off! By far the best hair cut and salon experience I have had.

K Studio New York

check it

ps - Osaka is my new favorite place to play


  1. Holy crap - that sounds amazing!! I wish I could come and play with you....I miss you!!!

  2. Hi Jacque

    Kristen Brown here piratess Cannon is my alias. Cannon was my maiden name and my great great great grandfather was an English "privateer." I fell in love with the water when I lived in CT and rowed pathologically, so I decided it was a genetic rebound of the pirate.

    ANyway, Cool blog!!! so glad you got your hair fixed up, it always helps the outlook!! Sorry the small town is closing in, hope you get internet sooon!!!

  3. haha awesome. yea, i had to skip van michaels this go around because of the budget. its even hard to find a good hair doer in america, so props to you!! -katrina