March 5, 2009

there's a ghost in me

I have been trying to ignore my trapped feelings as of late. Small town living is so not for me. I miss the hustle of the large city bustle. I am planning small weekend trips in March to get back into the beat. I have a new friend who lives in Nagoya, about an hour away, that I will meet and hopefully eat some Mexican food! And then a friend of a friend in Osaka who owns an antique/ketch store that deals in East German antiques. He promises to show me a good show or two. Osaka I hear is a pretty rad town. I have only spent one day there, about 3 years ago, and I didn't event scratch the surface...

I went to a Japanese festival called Hatsu-Uma. Saw a parade with many women in beautiful kimonos, some being carried in boxes with poles on the sides by many men. It was inspiring. And some of the cutest Japanese little girls in teeny kimonos! There were so many venders with delish smelling food, made my mouth water.

Also just got paid! Feels so good to have money in the pocket and music in my ears. Music has been saving my life these days. Work is going well, not too much to complain about it. Still no apartment Internet...I wait patiently.

I got to talk to BFF Margie for hours and hours this past weekend and it really re-energized me. Props to Brett for making it all happen!

Sketching has been coming along just fine. I like the time and solitude to really work out my ideas and put dreams to paper.

Hope this post finds you in fine high spirits!

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