August 2, 2009


In Tokyo, an unassuming store front can yield an enchanting mind blowing rabbit hole. The phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" rings so true in Tokyo. On a recent trip to the city, an eight story ride in a small, dingy elevator in a dirty, cramped high rise took me to the chillest, most well designed cafe I have ever been to in some time.

One such store I stumbled upon in Tokyo was RUNE. Beginning after the war, illustrator Mr. Rune Naitou began publishing illustrations in girl magazine of 'Junior Soleil' in the 1950's. I have found some of my favorite, most inspiring illustrators in Japan. His work is amazing and has that 1950s vintage feel I can't take my eyes off. The store sells bags, t-shirts, dolls with amazing doll clothing and fabric with his original illustrations printed on them.


Asako Masunouchi is an amazing illustrator, graphic designer and short film animator. There are some awesome stop motion short films on her website I highly recommend. I love the simplistic and honest nature of her work, almost like a simple outline. She studied illustration in the UK before moving back home to Japan.

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