August 4, 2009

Japan, my love, you must understand... it's not you it's me. can we still be friends? I'll call you.

Three days.
Count em', 1..2..3..
Until I hop on an East bound plane for Stockholm
KIX --> PEK --> ARN

It seems silly to be oooing and awwing over Swedish design and sites when I am in this amazing land of Japan, but I have grown tired recently of Japanese life, need some change of pace and new inspiration, if only for one glorious week. I have been fully packed since Sunday.

Here is what I have garnered so far about the self proclaimed "Capitol of Scandinavia":

Everyone is tall, blond, extremely good-looking and wears heaps of black

The modern art looks impeccable

The vintage clothing raids will be and look

Way out West will be mind blowing...Beirut, My Bloody Valentine, Echo & The Bunnymen, Vivian Girls, Wolfmother, the list goes on

A cafe with a decor inspired by one of my favorite modern artists, Joan Miro

Swimming on the FjÀderholmarna - The Feather Islands

And with a high of 70, lows in the high 40s, I am bringing a jacket.

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  1. "Everyone is tall, blond, extremely good-looking and wears heaps of black" I've always thought this of Scandinavian women. Did it turn out to be true? This is DeAnna, BTW. I set up a blog for my family's cruise next year hence the Cruise2010 user name.