January 1, 2010

filled with the sun

lovely and sweet | accompanied me on my walk to the local supermarket max valu (no spelling mistake...it is max valu here in Japan), snow flurries dancing around my head
perfect sounds for a new beginning

Beach House

Some great Japanese magazine I have discovered along the way

Japanese lifestyle magazine - hard to describe as every issue is different...sometimes clothing, food, art, photography and always a diy project in the back

clothing online zine - street/party style in Kobe

vintage clothing magazine| the only one I have found produced in Japan. also has excellent music reviews and photo shoots. I will miss this magazine when I go.

R.I.P Rowland S. Howard - of The Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls fame.

Latest obsession in the last month - pom poms! I want to make this, but no room to pack it in my suitcase. Details on how to make can be found here

Immolate Yourself - Telefon Tel Aviv

have a beautiful day, this 2nd day of the decade

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