January 1, 2010

so I began the crossing

Happy New Year,
//Happy New Decade

pleased to reeses pieces about the new year and had an impeccable new year's eve celebration. I really couldn't ask for more | fireworks, sukiyaki, music, dancing, the works. Good health, good friends, lots of new events coming up in the super near future...so much yet to explore.

ok, so today, lots of this>>>


ever since I saw this artist at my local Tsu Art Museum, can't stop thinking about it. Female artist Ayumi Ohashi started doing magazine illustrations when she was in college...only college...for 平凡パンチ (The Magazine for Men) from 1964-1972. I wanted all of them! I love the simple and honest nature.

R.I.P Vic Chesnutt

recently finally got around to watching DiG! - I know, long overdue
thoroughly enjoyed

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