January 3, 2010

A girl screams at the mouse and smiles at the wolf

all about the girls

I recently deleted my myspace account - I hardly ever used it, trying to get rid of the unnecessary, and people seem all high on facebook at the moment. Yet, all the new awesomeness I am finding is myspace only, it has really become a music interspace, and girl only. Girl bands have always owned a small shoebox in my heart, now is no exception. Check out the girls in town.





//Brilliant Colors

Captured Tracks from Brooklyn has had some of the finest offerings last year. I would like to shake their hand.
Beach Fossils, The Mayfair Set, Brilliant Colors, Little Girls, Thee Oh Sees and Roman Soldiers to name a few.

why is Vampire Weekend playing BigEars? weird-o

I wish she would come back, I think she single-handedly changed my life in 2005. I almost drove to Miami to see her last show...but didnt have the cash.
Tracy + The Plastics

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