January 12, 2010

chills that last forever

like graphic novels? yeah?
I present Tonoharu, the story of an American language teacher in a sleepy Japanese village...sound familiar?

A friend gifted me this book right before I left for Japan, and it mirrored so many of my emotions of living here in small town Japan. Which was an amazing discovery for me, and a great source of comfort, because you cant accurately describe to people outside Japan what it is like to live here, in this situation.
I cant wait to find Part II.

Happy Japanese Haircut Day to me!! I am over the moon excited.

/new decade
/new year
/new city
/new age
/new hair

HOME for the next month...

anyone see that new MIA video?

new read..

I hope it isnt so unhealthy to be reading so much Woolf

haunting Japanese oil painter, who unfortunately passed away in 2009.
Katsuo Tachi
Katsuo Tachi grew up in a honey shop, and as a child accompanied his parents around the mountains to collect honey from their hives all over Japan.

The works demand you acknowledge the action and process of painting - the movement of the brush and paint over the surface, and the artist's physical presence beyond.

smell (1994)

the mystic meaning of the woman,
and the beast (1994)

the four winds of the earth (1995)

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