January 4, 2010

pie in the sky || definition: A promise of heaven, while continuing to suffer in this life

soundtrack for today...perfect for my new found domestic mood today and running around town. I remember buying this album at Criminal Records in Atlanta - the cover was so pretty and ethereal, it caught my eye immediately. I should just put Five Ten Fiftyfold on repeat>>

Cocteau Twins
Head Over Heals

ate the best curry today, man oh man. palak paneer rocks my socks.

Started Reading this for the New Year, thanks to my co-worker Roman and his father

All of 2009 I hardly ate any meat - and I feel so much better and healthier. It wasn't a conscious decision, just that the diet in Japan entails very little meat and loads of seafood. I am contemplating becoming vegetarian and I find this read truly enlightening. I think in 2010 the only meat I have eaten is one of my roommates chicken nuggets. haha
It will be strange to go back to the USA portion sizes, and not being able to buy super fresh sushi in convenience stores and super markets.

pretty vintage dresses I wouldn't mind to wear:

off to buy soda pop

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